Rental & School information 2019/6/4 renewal
*Details may be changed. Please inquire beforehand.
*Rental prices are excluding tax from Apr/1st/2019

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*How to reserve
Please tell me the date and number of people
by email telephone, messenger or line

Please manage valuables by yourself.
Put the key of the car in the waterproof pack
or put it in the coin locker.

Rental PriceE WetsuitE Condition

Rental time
shop 10:00-18:00 rental 10:00-17:00
Regular holiday : Thursday.
(You can rent also Thursday if you reserve by 17:00 of the day before. )

Rental Price (excluding tax)

WINDSURF & SUP (no lesson)

2h...\5000(include lesson and rental)
extention after lesson \1000/1h
2 people one boat \7000
3 people one boat \9000

*including setting and packing time
*lesson is option
*If you have no reservation (by 17:00 of the day before)
beginner board need more 1000yen

What you need ?
Towel and change of clothes
Coins for locker(\100) and shower (cold \100 warm \200)
Lot of drink in summer
Recomend to bring wetsuit and harness if you have.
limited in size and number
rental boots \300
wetsuit seagul \1000
full-suit \1500
harness \500

*Repair insurance 500yen(effective for 5 days/school 1day)
(Immunity : 1000yen and You have to pay 30% of repair fee each crash.

It is not applied at the damage if it is not possible to repair.
The loss of breaking such as the example, mast, booms, and fins and parts etc.
are outside application. )

*Insurance to the injury of yourself 300yen (each day)
Death sequelae five million yen, hospitalization 4500yen
going to hospital 2700yen/day

Please make the reservations if you want to rent WSF gears
because there is a limit in the number of the implements.
It isn't sometimes possible to lend by the situation with no reservations.
Cancellation is free,but please contact me at the cancellation.

January...Full suit ~ semi dry
February...Full suit ~ semi dry
March...spring ~ seagul
April...spring ~ seagul
October...spring ~ seagul
November...spring ~ full suit
December...spring ~ full suit

< Caution of Thursday >
You can rent and windsurf also Thursday
if you reserve by 17:00 of the day before.

Please reconfirm 1 hour before you arrive to my cell phone 090-9787-1006
nor the shop might be closed.
Even if you will start afternoon,please call me by 12:00.
If you do not call me by 12:00, it means cancelation.
Cancelation charge is free.
But if you say "Yes I windsurf today" on the call of reconfirm,
you need 3000yen cancelation fee if you cancel.
This rule is only Thursday

TEL +81 98-983-0000(oversea) ....098-983-0000(domestic)
cell phone +81 90-9787-1006(oversea) ....090-9787-1006(domestic)

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